Backyard Georgia Wedding

So excited to share the most gorgeous backyard Georgia wedding!! D-Ray and Shandi the most loving, genuine, and frankly just adorable couple ever had their wedding in the backyard of her grandmother’s beautiful estate in Shiloh, Georgia on June 14th, 2020. This wedding actually technically happened twice due to Covid complications, once in March with just close family and then in June with a bigger crowd. Cody and I truly loved everything about this wedding, from THE most heartfelt vows (including some tears), family dances down the aisle, and yes…..rain. They say it’s good luck for it to rain on your wedding day, which for D-Ray and Shandi definitely proved true. The credit for the golden spotlight during the ceremony and an amazing sunset can be given to the rain and clouds that came through right before the ceremony. This backyard was the perfect setting for this sweet couples special wedding! Congratulations to this amazing couple and enjoy some of these sweet, fun memories from their day.

Landscape set up for a wedding
Pink White Green Bridal Bouquet
Beautiful bridal bouquet by Tiger Lillies
Wedding Dress in front of french doors with windows
brides shoes and diamond jewelry
bride in white robe looking at dress hanging in window
Bride standing in front of window with bouquet
Bride smiling down at bouquet in front of window
Bride with bridesmaids holding hands and laughing
Groom with groomsmen with arms around each other smiling
Bride hugging her daughter while daughter is crying
Bride and Groom praying around the corner of a door
Bride and Dad walking down the aisle
Groom watching and crying while bride walks down the aisle and ring bearer reaching out to comfort him
Groom reading vows during ceremony
They wrote their own vows….so sweet!!
first kiss during ceremony with crowd in the background
“You may kiss your bride”
Bride and Groom dancing while coming back down the aisle after ceremony
Family dance back down the aisle! Love!!
Bride and Groom in front of Hexagon with flowers with groom kissing brides head
bride in lace dress laughing with groom in blue hat and pink bowtie
bride and groom walking through bridal party on either side with hands up laughing
full bridal party with pink dresses and boys wearing navy pants and white shirts
bride and groom holding hands and looking at each other with beautiful sky and trees behind them
bride and groom under veil groom kissing brides head
groom leading bride through the grass with blue and orange sky behind them
groom twirling bride in the grass with blue purple and pink sky
Bride holding the grooms jaw while they smile at each other with a sunset in background
Bride with lace dress being held by groom with a blue hat with sunset in the background
groom with blue hat puling bride in lace dress in for a kiss while she holds bouquet down
bride looking down under veil with groom kissing temple
bride in lace dress with long train holding hands with groom in blue hat
silhouette of bride and groom with blues purple orange clouds in background
wedding cake with purple flowers and almost naked style icing
Cake by and decorated by Tiger Lillies Floral
bride and groom kissing with cake all over their faces
bride and groom doing first dance with hanging lights in background
Their whole first dance was choreographed!! So impressed!
groom kissing brides forehead with hanging lights in the background
Congratulations Shandi and D-Ray! We wish you all the happiness and God’s many blessings!

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