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Your experience with a professional photographer shouldn't just end with a generic automated email with a link to a google drive that holds your photos. These once-in-a-lifetime memories deserve to be printed out and hanging on your walls, your story in an expertly designed album!

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What to Expect at the Reveal

The wedding reveal

The Maternity reveal

What to expect at your wedding reveal

My favorite part of the wedding experience is getting to show you your images for the very first time! This is a full on "saving the best for last" type of experience. You're getting a whole extra experience when it comes to reliving your wedding day! 

This meeting will be set for about 6-8 weeks after the wedding day to allow for some anticipation and excitement to build.

At the reveal you'll experience your photos and video for the first time! I'll walk you through each part of the day, reliving the most amazing moments of your wedding. You'll get to see your story laid out in a beautiful album design and you will get to customize and order your own Legacy Album. 

We will also look at wall art collections, as well as how to access, use, and view your personalized gallery. 

What to expect at the maternity reveal

My favorite part of your maternity session is getting to see your beautiful images for the first time, right at the end of your session! The maternity session is a full service experience where I take you through glam, to shoot, to product, to installation. 

During the reveal you'll see your photos straight out of the camera, meaning that they will not be edited at all. I'll show you some examples of before and afters from other sessions so that you can get an idea of what yours will look like. The first thing we'll do is is select your favorites, and then look at what products you might want to pair with your selection.

After you've selected your images and placed your order, I'll have them professionally edited and retouched for perfection. Once those are finished (typically 3-4 weeks) I'll send you the final proofs in an online gallery and submit your order to the lab. 

Why do we insist on you printing your photographs when we live in such a digital age? Several reasons actually. The first and main reason is because printed memories are the best tool that you can have for your marriage. They are a moment frozen in time that has captured emotion, memories, and stories. Being able to physically hold your images in your hand is just a completely different experience and one that you'll be thankful you have. 

Secondly, this digital age is only about an instant gratification. How often do you go back and look at your own posts from memories and relive those moments from years ago? You probably haven't, but when you have a beautiful piece of wall art hanging in your home, you are going to look at it constantly, and be reminded of those memories more often. This helps strengthen relationships. Plus you've invested a good amount into your wedding day and the only thing that remains 5, 10, 30 years later are your photos and prints. Just think about how far technology has come in the last 10 years alone. Printed photos, as wall art or in an album, will never become obsolete or be lost to a failed hard drive.

Lastly, your images simply look their best in the format they were created to be in, print.

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