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We bring a personalized approach to fine art wedding photo & cinema to uniquely and artfully capture your most treasured memories and preserve them in heirloom quality products for generations to come.

We get it. Going through so many photographers to find the absolute perfect fit for you and your wedding day is honestly a daunting task to undertake. 

Well I've got some GREAT NEWS!

I have created a step-by-step walk through for you so don't get overwhelmed here on our corner of the internet. Though if you wish to forge your own path, click the menu button at the top and may the odds be ever in your favor! 

By the end of this process I've found that most couples that make it all the way to the end are ready to sign the contract and pay the deposit. So here we go:

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We believe in heirlooms, in what will last, and unparalleled and personalized experience that starts the moment we meet.

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Hiring a wedding photographer can be a super stressful and daunting task to undertake. Your photographer is going to be responsible for capturing everything on your wedding day and if they miss it, it's gone. Haley and I know this all too well from personal experience. We caution you not to hire just anybody with a camera for your wedding, be sure to meet with them and see if they seem up to the task.


Cinematography for a wedding is another crucial component to the wedding day. Being able to capture the vows, and the little moments between the moments when no one is looking will allow you to remember things that would otherwise be lost to time. Finding the right wedding videographer is along the same vein of importance as a photographer. Be sure to vet them before signing the dotted line.

Wedding Photography and Cinematography for the hopelessly in love

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so what's included with photography?

After 7+ years of experience and countless weddings, Haley and I know exactly what is needed to give you a full and luxurious experience, the one that you deserve! We've gone through the trial and error for you and have put together the necessities for you. We only have one photography package and it includes everything you need to accurately capture and document your wedding day. Check out the experience page to walk through the entire process that we offer, from start to finish!

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The wedding experience

so what's included with videography?

When it comes to the wedding videographer the biggest tip is to hire the same company to do both the photos and video. The level of communication that Haley and I share being a husband and wife team is kinda awesome. We also offer the same approach to cinematography as we do to photos. We know what needs to happen to give you that luxurious experience that you've been dreaming of! Head over to the experience page where you can walk through our process from start to finish.

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the wedding experience

F.A.Q. overview

Q: Should we do a first look?

A: Our answer for this is always 'It depends.' And let me tell you why for both ways. 

Yes, do a first look - The biggest reason I encourage you to do a first look is based on the groom. Is he an emotional person? Does he get emotional in front of a group of people? Typically we've seen the groom try to hold in his emotions and not break down infront of 100 people staring him down, waiting on a reaction. If this is the case then I HIGHLY recommend a first look to allow him a safe space to express how he really feels when it's just the two of you together. 

No, don't do a first look - If either one of you is adamant about having that initial glance be down the aisle then I say go for it. There is nothing more special than that moment. 

Q: Do we really need to do an engagement session?

A: Yes, we recommend you doing an engagement session specifically with your wedding photographer. The reason for that is not so you can have pretty pictures together, though that is a byproduct of the session. But rather it's to allow you as a couple to get comfortable with us behind the camera and how we work, and pose, and give instruction so that you are more confident on the wedding day when we are taking your couples portraits. At the same time you are getting to know us behind the camera, we are getting to know you in front of our camera, how you react to each other, how you take instruction, and the overall comfort level being on camera. So yeah, we really think an engagement session is a great idea!

Q: How long will it take to get the pics back?

A: Our typical turn around time is around 8 weeks after the wedding. We take our time editing, making sure everything is perfect for you before we release your gallery. 

About 1-2 weeks after you get the gallery is when we will have your Ordering Session where we get together and finalize the album design. We will place your order that day and the typical turn around for your custom handmade heirloom wedding album is around 4 weeks from the time it's ordered (with the exception of supply chain issues). 

All-in-all you can expect to have everything in your hands about 14 or so weeks after the wedding. 

Q: How will it work if we want both photo & video?

A: Great question. If you hire us for both wedding photography and wedding videography then Haley will become your lead photographer and I, Cody, will become your lead videographer and we will hire additional help from our super rad photog friends. 

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As an Alabama and Southeast wedding photographer, we choose to offer only a full service to every client that walks through the doors of our Auburn, Alabama studio. What that means to us is providing you with an unparalleled experience, finding the meanings behind your most special moments, capturing that creatively and artistically, and delivering showpiece heirlooms that exude the elegance, beauty, and emotion of those times allowing you to relive that memory for years to come

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