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October 6, 2021

The Ultimate Wedding Planning Guide | Part 2 – Your Wedding Style

Your wedding style should be shown and known throughout the entire wedding decor and venue. When choosing your wedding style find things that you really like when looking through Pinterest and create your own mood board for your wedding. This will provide invaluable to your wedding planner as they help you design a decoration plan for your venue! Read through these descriptions and then do a google/pinterest search on that style and start creating! One of the fun things is seeing how brides mix and match different wedding styles to fit exactly what they are looking for! Comment below what combo you used, or will use, for your wedding style!

Beach Weddings

A beach wedding style is pretty straight forward and most of your vendors that you’ll choose that are close to the beach will be experts on this style. Aspects of this style include simple attire, shells from the sea, palm leaves as decorations, fans for your guests, and in general a lighter, breezier feel to your entire day.

Boho Style

The Bohemian style weddings are super popular and for good reason! These weddings tend to be more romantically centered on the couple with less fuss over the typically traditional aspects of a wedding. Check out the article on specific ideas for your BOHO wedding!


This style is stock full of greenery, florals and plants. Wedding venues are typically at local botanical gardens, but other venues with lots of land and plants could be considered here. If you’ve always wanted plants and lots of florals at your wedding then consider this as your wedding style!

Indoor/Industrial Weddings

Having an indoor wedding doesn’t mean you have to give up on gorgeous views and amazing decor! There are plenty of venues around with huge windows overlooking amazing scenery. But you might also be looking more for an industrial vibe for your wedding. Exposed bricks and pipes with original wood flooring is one of the most beautiful looks in my opinion for a wedding!

A Modern Style

Modern style is one of the more adaptable wedding styles to any venue. These weddings are typically sleek, sophisticated, and refined, using a monochromatic color palette more than likely. You can go simple and minimalistic or big and bold with the decor styling!

Nautical Weddings

Where as you can have a nautical style incorporated with a beach style, I tend to lend to a more lake feel with this wedding style. There are tons of resources out there on Etsy and other sites to get your nautical on!

Rustic Themed Weddings

The ever trending Barn/Farm weddings. To be honest these are over done all the time and it’s just a trend that you are going to look back on in 20 years and ask yourself why so much burlap!! I do think that you can have a rustic styled wedding that looks amazing though. Our friends out at Auburn Oaks have a beautiful barn that works well with a touch of rustic vibes with over all elegant look to the decor!

Seasonal Weddings

Alright now, where’s all my Christmas season fans at?? Not just Christmas, but you can theme your wedding around certain seasons as well. These are always fun to photograph because it truly shows a bit of the couples personalities in all of the detail shots!

Traditional Wedding

Of course you have your traditional style weddings as well. These are surprisingly on the downward trend in recent years as more and more places are becoming popular hotspots for weddings, and even some places being built specifically for weddings!

Vintage Style

Gold colors, calligraphy invitations, and old antique cars scream the vintage wedding style. Arguably one of the prettiest styles out there. There’s literally so much you can do with this to make your wedding unique. The perfect location in Auburn and Opelika is at the Heritage House in downtown Opelika. The house is decorated to suit those vintage vibes and there’s plenty of space for a larger outdoor reception. Give them a call today if you want a tour or head over to their page on our site to see more about them!

Whimsical Wedding Style

This bridal style is perfect for a someone who loves quirky details, bold color choices, and non-traditional elements. From bold colorful invitations to unique wedding cakes and fun favors, this style would fit into almost any venue with the traditional church wedding being one of the few exceptions, but you could always have a whimsical reception!!