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What should a portrait session document, just the people or a forced smile? That's not what we believe in! Your portrait session should capture and document an emotion or feeling, a story that can be retold, or memories from a close family member that has passed. A portrait session is more about saying cheese for a camera. 

We want to see your emotions captured in a way that you are going to cherish for years to come! Our simple yet unique process allows us to get to know you and what you are expecting from your portraits. 


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We always want to meetup with our clients before hand to go over expectations and have a chance to answer any questions that they may have about our services. We take this time to get to know you and what your expectations are before making plans. 

Once all of your questions are answered at the meeting most of our clients know they want to book us for their portrait session! Once the session fee is paid and the contract signed we allow for a minimum of 3 weeks before the shoot, because then step 3 hits!

Picking the right outfit for your portraits is crucial. And we want to help you look your absolute best. We have guides for each type of session and what outfits will photograph the best, so be sure to check out our blog for more details!

When picture day comes you will be so excited to finally get to do your session, but you'll also have some butterflies in your stomach, and that's totally normal! The first few minutes are getting you comfortable and posed to perfection and relaxing those nerves. after 10 minutes though you'll be a pro!

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Picture Time

Capture the memories of your senior year, either High School or College. Get dressed up and let us give you an experience unlike any other! This is a season of celebration because you have worked SO hard to get here and have been victorious! We can't wait to celebrate with you!

Pregnancy is such a sweet and one of the most beautiful seasons of life a woman can go through. Capturing these brief moments in time will hold your memories and emotions frozen in time. More times than not there is a story behind that beautiful bump and we want to help you tell that story!

Family sessions change each and every year simply because your family changes! Your kids grow up, your story deepens and you deserve to have those fleeting moments preserved for a lifetime! 

Whether you are celebrating an awesome milestone, getting married, wanna show your man you love him, or just a mom in need of some grown up time, there are many reasons to have a boudoir session! These sessions can be super empowering and encouraging and I, Haley, want to help you see that confidence lived out on the daily! 





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