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December 22, 2021

How to Propose to Your Girlfriend in Auburn Alabama

How to propose 101: What you need to know.

Congratulations on your decision to propose to your girlfriend and take the next step in life with your best friend. We are super excited for you and want to help and equip you with valuable knowledge on how to propose to your girlfriend in the best way possible! Hopefully you find these tips helpful and you find yourself with a super happy and thankful fiancé once you implement these tips!

a proposal in auburn alabama on auburn university's campus on toomers corner with samford hall in the background. how to propose to your girlfriend on auburn's campus.

Is marriage an option for both of you?

This is a tough one, but you need to know that she is thinking and wanting to get married to you as well. Most women will put down hints or talk to you about it more openly about their plans for the future. However if you have no idea if she is thinking about getting married then it’s up to you to figure that out. If you want to surprise her then be careful you aren’t being too obvious with it. Bring it up casually and talk about the future and where you see yourself in 5-10 years. You can also ask her best friends (if they can keep it a secret long enough for you to surprise her). Talking things through with her will give you the best understanding on where she is at with her intentions in your dating relationship. If you are both on the same page, then you may proceed.

Talk to her parents before you propose?

Ok, so this can be an old fashion piece of advice now-a-days, but I think depending on the family situation and dynamics that it’s a courteous gesture to talk with her parents and ask for their blessing to marry their daughter. You’ll probably earn some favor in her dad’s eyes for being bold enough to talk to him face to face.

I just want to be clear here though, you aren’t going and asking for their permission to marry their little girl. You are seeking their blessing and approval to do so. Chances are that you are both grown adults making your own choices and so if they don’t give you their blessing, be polite and thank them for their time and continue on with your plans.

If her family dynamics aren’t the best, then you can just skip this all together and just do the thing!

Picking out the one ring!

This is a big one. Be sure to spend time doing some research and snooping around to try and find out what style of ring she would like to have. According to The Trend Spotters there are about 30 styles that you need to be aware of when searching for the perfect engagement ring. Take a look in her jewelry box at other rings that she might have or ones that she wears often to get a feel for what she likes. Enlist some help from her best friend when shopping for an engagement ring. Work covertly with her and take her to a jeweler to look at different styles and designs. Most jewelers will be able to give you some basic details, but I highly recommend a local jeweler like Jewelry by Design or Swanson Diamonds here in town to give you a more personal experience and advice when shopping for the perfect engagement ring.

Getting her ring size can be kinda tricky. If she wears a ring often then try to take that to the jeweler for comparison and note what finger she wears it on. You can also put it on your finger and see how far it goes on your finger. Most jewelers can figure it out based on their height and weight as well, and if all else fails, you can easily get it resized.

Now it’s time to make a plan.

Has she dropped any hints as to how she would like to be proposed to? Maybe she would like a big and grand gesture with lots of flowers in a super romantic location. Or perhaps she is more of the intimate moment with just the two of you at one of your favorite spots. Regardless of what she might like best you are going to need to take some time to dedicate to planning this magical moment for the two of you. First find the location that you want to propose. Let it be a spot that is super meaningful to you and be able to be decorated to your liking. Even if this is in your living room, putting up and lighting a bunch of candles can completely change the atmosphere and mood.

Hire a Pro.

Hiring a professional to help you plan your proposal can be very advantageous to allow you to focus on the most important part, actually proposing. A planner, like Magnolia Weddings, can help you line up the right vendors for your needs such as a florist, photographers, videographers, etc. to make sure your proposal goes off without a hitch. Let them worry about making everything look perfect and you worry about asking your beautiful girlfriend to spend the rest of her life with you.

What do you plan on saying when you propose?

Coming up with the perfect words can seem like an impossible task. But just take your time with it. Think about what she means to you and what the thought of spending the rest of your life with her means to you. This shouldn’t be a huge speech or lecture, but it should be from the heart. Be sure to actually ask the question at the end, you know, the important part.

Come up with a story to tell her.

While I’m a huge believer in always telling each other the truth and being honest with each other, this cause for a false truth as I like to call it. Make sure it’s a solid and actually believable story to tell her. Don’t say you are going hunting if you don’t hunt kind of thing. Plus if you need help from her best friend then make sure that she has a false truth story to tell her as well. If you are hiring a photographer then make sure you include them on the plans.

Keep it secret. Keep it safe.

If you can name that movie then you get brownie points from me.

Until you can get to the day to execute your plans then you need to keep the engagement ring secret and safe from prying eyes. Contrary to popular belief, the sock drawer is not the best place to keep the ring. (I put mine in a shoe that i never wore and she never found it.)

Hire a Photographer and Videographer for the proposal.

Here’s where I get to make our selfless plug, I mean it is our blog and all. Hire a professional photographer (us) for the proposal at the very least. You’ll be able to take a weight off your shoulders by not worrying if her raw emotional reaction is accurately captured and documented. We’ve got you covered.

As for a proposal video… this would be an amazing thing to have to play over and over. Hiring us as a team we are able to capture both photo and video of your proposal. However we will want to put a mic on you somehow and we will need to coordinate that with you during your planning process.

We always include a complimentary 30 minute mini engagement session for you guys as well to truly give you a one-of-a-kind experience. You’ll be able to print these memories off and keep them forever!

Proposal session in downtown auburn alabama on auburn universities campus. How to propose in downtown auburn.

What to do about the massive ring box.

The one thing that can completely ruin the surprise and anticipation is a bulge in your pants. No not that kind of bulge, a ring box in your pockets! One way to get around it is to not use a box, but I like this idea a little more, The Box Sock. Keep your ring safe inside of your sock until the time is right.

Be flexible with how you propose.

The final and most important step perhaps in learning how to propose to your girlfriend is to be flexible. Don’t rush into it and fumble through your words and not get your point across clearly. You’ve made a plan and prepped for weeks or months on this moment. The temptation is to force it to go exactly as planned. Spoiler Alert: It probably won’t go as planned. So be ready to be flexible and go with the flow. Feel out the situation and trust your gut! You’ve got this!

If you’d like to talk with us about how we can help enhance the proposal experience for you and your future fiancé, feel free to click this button and reach out to us today! Look forward to chatting with you soon!