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October 6, 2021

Best Outfits for Your Body

All of our bodies are different and therefore not all lingerie or outfits will look the best on all body types. Let me start with this very important thought. There is NOTHING wrong with your body! It is beautiful in it’s unique design! Period. BUT let’s be real….everyone has that one thing they don’t like about themselves or that thing they wish they could change. My goal in my sessions is not to use post processing to morph your body to make sure you love it, but to make sure that DURING YOUR SESSION I am highlighting the things you love about your body and minimizing the things you don’t love. So in this next section, I will be providing different wardrobe ideas that will help us to accomplish just that! 

Are you blessed with a curvy body? Wear a flattering bodysuit with bustier style ribbing to accentuate your hourglass figure, lacy robe over matching bra and panty set, high waisted panties to draw your curves in and define your waistline, Support support support!

Petite or want to make your legs look longer? Wear a high cut lace bodysuit and/or high cut underwear to elongate your legs, and add some heels of course.

Athletic and tall? Wear a two-piece lingerie set (or a few) to show off that lean abdomen, a garter belt may help make hips appear larger and give more curvature.

Pear-Shaped? It’s all about the derriere!!! Think about cute, cheeky, form-fitting panties as a great option. A sheer or lace slip or nightgown can be a good option as well.

Apple-Shaped?-Rock those halter tops, spaghetti straps, and single-strap lingerie pieces!! Add some elegance and glam with a shawl or fur to drape around your shoulders.

Small-Chested– The push up bra is your best friend to show off your curves!! Form fitting bustiers will show off the curves as well and give your bust the boost it needs.

Are you Busty?– You can wear bras with sheer fabric, lace, cut low to accentuate your goodies while covering enough to add a little bit of mystery. Support is key as well!!

One last thing! I am here for you through the whole planning process. I promise!! We will discuss wardrobe options on a zoom call, send texts and pics of possible options back and forth. You will have access to all my experience and advice.