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April 15, 2021

Alabama Country Side Wedding | Lora + Levi

You ever been to those weddings where the speeches from the best man and the maid of honor are going great and then next thing you know you and everyone around you have teary eyes and are trying to hide it? Yeah that was us at Lora and Levi’s wedding. Their wedding was one of those COVID weddings that had to pivot last minute and very little of what they originally planned actually happened. But the beautiful thing was on Lora and Levi’s wedding day none of those things really mattered. What mattered was the people standing beside them and the love they shared with each other and with those in attendance. Lora and Levi are truly best friends and the excitement they felt at spending the rest of their lives together came through during every moment! 

What’s the one thing that you both value about marriage above anything else?

“A covenant relationship- knowing that we’ll have someone in our corner to help push each other towards Christ, be encouraged to serve each other well, and it be a relationship that goes beyond friendship in that it is special and outside of the norms of everyday life.” Lora + Levi

Photographer: Love + Legacy Studios

Photo Booth: Auburn Opelika Photobooth Co.