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Hi there! We are Cody and Haley, your friendly neighborhood wedding photographers and 10 years ago we weren't wedding photographers. We were in your shoes, planning our wedding. Our day was crazy, and it flew by so fast that we didn't get to enjoy the day. Our biggest regret was in our photography. We didn't realize what these moments would mean to us 10 years later. Moments were missed, we looked awkward, and we had no idea what we wanted out of our pictures. 

We became wedding photographers to help keep you from going through the same mistakes that we made. Our job as photographers is to take the stress off of your shoulders on your wedding day. You deserve to enjoy the wedding that you worked so hard for and have spent the last several months planning out. Trust us, we know what it's like to not have those candid moments between you and your loved ones. You don't have to worry about if we got that moment because our unique process allows us to get to know you and what exactly you want to have captured on your wedding day. 

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Once your wedding day is over we want you to be able to look at each other and be smiling ear to ear because everything went off without a hitch, that you know before you even see any of your images that your day was perfectly captured. The foundations of your legacy have been built and you'll get to one day pass along your heirloom wedding album to your kids and tell them all about the day Mom and Dad got married! 

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We only take on a limited number of weddings each year. It's super important that we work with the right couples who share in our beliefs and brand values!

Haley and I would love to hear more about your story! Fill out this form for us  and we will be in touch as soon as we can! Look forward to chatting with you soon!


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DC comics nerd, Pokemon Master, Grilling enthusiast, and Anime lover. I might be a little introverted, but my heart is to serve people!

Book worm, lover of a good chick flick, teacher, and Anime enthusiast. I'm super competitive and take challenges head on. Being around people and loving on them fills my heart!

Our Story

Haley and I met in the Fall of 2007 at Troy University in the Sound of the South Marching Band! We hit it off well and soon after started dating. The biggest thing that brought us together was our love for the Lord and our relationship with him! Over the next few years we had what one might call an on again off again relationship.


Soon after that we welcomed Coleson, our oldest, into the world! Job surprised us all a year later. Our family is full of love and personality.

Believing the best in someone shouldn't be the exception, it should be expected, every time!

But I finally decided to grow up and put a ring on it.

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